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7 LGBTQ+ Night-time Spaces: Past, Present & Future 6 Open-source Housing Crisis 5 Global Education for Urban Futures 4 Heritage & Renewal in Doha 3 Design & Trust 2 Regeneration Realities 1 Future & Smart Cities


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In the tradition of radical pamphleteering, Urban Pamphleteer confronts key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspectives. The intention is to stimulate debate, and in the process empower and inform citizens, professionals, researchers, institutions, and policy-makers, with a view to positively shaping change. Find out more here.


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Mar 27 03:25
RT @UCLurbanlab: We are bringing #UrbanLabFilms to your home! 🎥📺 View our online collection of films on cities, urbanisation and urban exp…
Mar 23 07:11
RT @CarysFieldson: Quarantine reading list sorted ☑️ https://t.co/GmlFgEeJjr
Mar 23 01:18
RT @UCLurbanlab: Reminder: you can read every @UrbanPamphlet online for free! Or you can donate to download them and help us produce more.…
Mar 16 11:23
We have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK and elsewhere. Whilst Public Health England has not… https://t.co/QvJI0gJJ8k
Mar 06 12:54
Announcing Urban Pamphleteer #8: Skateboardings 🛹🎉 Published on Wednesday 25 March. Join us for the launch in Lond… https://t.co/IZL72E22ym
Feb 27 11:27
We are very excited to announce that the eighth issue of #UrbanPamphleteer will be launched on Wednesday 25 March.… https://t.co/UiCdZFuKE5
Jan 31 05:45
RT @GuglielmoRossi: Digging in the Hackney Empire theatre archive at UEL with 1st years students! Radical history, political theatre, graph…
Dec 16 12:33
Our team took part in the first ever #imprintfair last month, an exploration of the city through print 📰✊ Thanks t… https://t.co/ZVqia3QEft
Dec 09 08:59
RT @BenCampkin: Urgent! BANK JOB need your help. Please sign/RT to support this essential and innovative community space, at risk of evicti…
Nov 29 09:17
Our team at IMPRINT tonight. London, we’re here at @BuildingCentre on Saturday and Sunday. Pick up an… https://t.co/EIjMtBxmvB
Nov 28 04:15
RT @UCLurbanlab: TEACH-OUT tomorrow 10am outside @UCLSSEES (16 Taviton Street) With #climatestrike and our #UCLWaste annual theme, join fo…
Nov 27 09:21
We are taking part in IMPRINT this weekend. You can purchase copies of the #UrbanPamphleteer from our team from Fri… https://t.co/YMt3kNgT8T
Nov 14 04:01
RT @BuildingCentre: The full event programme for Imprint is now live! Including workshops, talks and tours by #ResolveCollective, @we_made_…
Sep 25 02:43
RT @EYESORE_MAG: Imprint - a publishing fair exploring the city through print. https://t.co/uGDQ79vIgv https://t.co/AZoe9SWeXf
Aug 23 10:35
As covered in our seventh issue, you can see some of the stories of London's LGBTQ+ night scenes come to life… https://t.co/T26BpTSFrc
Aug 22 01:23
Excited to announce we'll be part of the first edition of Imprint - a new publishing fair exploring the city throug… https://t.co/FJHPfXya9A
Jun 20 09:35
Not an #UrbanPamphleteer™ï¸ BUT we’re looking forward to flicking through this new pamphlet on London’s night worker… https://t.co/RV8u7Cu4ZN
Apr 03 10:21
RT @UCLurbanlab: Opening today at @_TheWhitechapel, the #QueerSpaces exhibition draws on archival material collated by @BenCampkin and @Ms_…
Mar 27 10:45
Good news - you can now find us on the shelves at @_TheWhitechapel Gallery's bookshop, ahead of the launch of the… https://t.co/NhehnjdVxy
Mar 25 10:21
We're namechecked in the latest #Bartlett100 story on architectural-academic publishing https://t.co/eO50hO4zlC
Dec 07 06:54
RT @itsnicethat: Urban Pamphleteer # 7 sheds "perspectives, provocations and vignettes on London’s LGBTQ+ night-time spaces" > https://t.co…
Dec 07 01:26
RT @BartlettUCL: Issue 7 of @UrbanPamphlet is featured on @itsnicethat - the magazine published by @UCLurbanlab continues the tradition of…
Dec 07 10:35
RT @UCLurbanlab: Our @UrbanPamphlet publication series features today in design journal @itsnicethat https://t.co/osNcqpw0aU
Dec 07 10:35
RT @GuglielmoRossi: A short article on the latest issue of @UrbanPamphlet. Thanks @itsnicethat! https://t.co/Mrwk48VwbT
Dec 07 10:35
RT @handsinmachines: @UrbanPamphlet has been featured on @itsnicethat (w @BenCampkin @GuglielmoRossi @Ms_L_Marshall @UCLurbanlab @csmgraphi…
Dec 04 08:22
RT @sleeptalkerpod: Listen back to this week's show here: https://t.co/S8ZEcEsayK
Dec 01 04:24
RT @handsinmachines: My article 'Producing Knowledge with Billboards: Graphic Design & Research' has just been published in *Design and Cul…
Nov 27 11:05
RT @sleeptalkerpod: Airing tomorrow night on @3RRRFM ✨ @rjustinhunt in the liminal space of the 'after-after-party', chill-out culture & qu…
Nov 26 08:35
RT @rjustinhunt: Just had a lovely chat with @BecFary about my work published in @UrbanPamphlet 7 - super exciting to chat with a fellow l…
Oct 26 12:00
Back in stock at @magculture shop! 😎 https://t.co/r3Rm5u3tZl https://t.co/XrH8Y7laFY
Oct 23 07:00
RT @UCLurbanlab: Issue 7 of @UrbanPamphlet launches in Sweden at #GothenburgDesignWeek tomorrow. Join @BenCampkin and @Ms_L_Marshall alongs…
Oct 23 10:27
RT @UCLurbanlab: Urban Lab Films hosts the first UK screening of 'The Experimental City' on 8 November with @BerthaDocHouse. Fab doc on a 1…
Oct 20 01:20
Heading to tonight's @bloomsburyfest late at @BartlettArchUCL? Find copies of #UrbanPamphleteer at the bookshop, an… https://t.co/8DoSXVkiKG
Oct 20 07:27
RT @LgbtqiLDN: We’ll be guides as part of this collaborative queer historical tour of Bloomsbury today - all welcome, booking required #Act…
Oct 18 09:14
RT @StackMagazines: Charting the closures of London's LGBTQ+ night-time spaces in @UrbanPamphlet > https://t.co/FOQmcVXOH6 https://t.co/tEY…
Oct 16 12:34
RT @UCLurbanlab: Did you, or did anyone you know, have experience with the London Lesbian and Gay Centre on Cowcross Street? We're looking…
Oct 15 09:09
RT @DrClareMelhuish: We're delighted to welcome Cynthia Myntti tomorrow evening to talk about AUB's Neighbourhood Initiative in Beirut - an…
Oct 15 11:10
We're taking part in a panel on queer space and heritage activism at Gothenburg Design Week - and hosting the Swedi… https://t.co/lHiXzUXzrS
Oct 05 12:18
RT @CategoryIsBooks: It's Friday! New independents on the shelves: GASLIGHT, a queer science fiction anthology ⚡️and @UrbanPamphlet #7 on L…
Sep 29 05:04
RT @StackMagazines: Past, present and future of London's LGBTQ+ night-time space in @UrbanPamphlet > https://t.co/FOQmcVXOH6 https://t.co/d…
Sep 29 12:15
RT @StackMagazines: Charting London's LGBTQ+ night-time space past and present with @UrbanPamphlet > https://t.co/FOQmcVXOH6 https://t.co/3…
Sep 29 12:14
RT @uclnews: The 7th edition of @UCLurbanlab's @UrbanPamphlet looks at #LGBTQ+ nighttime spaces, from trends past, present & future. Known…
Sep 29 12:13
RT @BartlettUCL: The latest @UrbanPamphlet from @UCLurbanlab reveals perspectives, provocations and vignettes on London’s LGBTQ+ night-time…
Sep 28 12:56
RT @StackMagazines: Past scenes and future thinkers: @UrbanPamphlet explores LGBTQ+ night-time spaces in their latest issue > https://t.co/…
Sep 28 12:56
RT @LgbtqiLDN: A little interview in @StackMagazines with @BenCampkin @Ms_L_Marshall @handsinmachines & @GuglielmoRossi about our co-edited…
Sep 17 03:40
RT @UCLurbanlab: Join us this autumn for a new lecture series, re-visiting the meaning and relevance of the term 'urban laboratory' for und…
Sep 14 10:35
Londoners: find a physical copy of issue #7 at @magculture in Clerkenwell or @gaystheword in Bloomsbury - and pleas… https://t.co/odTJNtR8sA
Sep 13 10:32
RT @UCLurbanlab: Congratulations to former Urban Lab Director @BenCampkin who has been appointed Professor in the latest round of staff pro…
Sep 12 12:42
Kreuzberg's temporary Floating University closes this Saturday! If you're in Berlin make sure to get down there and… https://t.co/1B18rb2Syy
Sep 03 08:52
We're so happy to now be stocked @gaystheword! Pick up a copy of our latest issue, featuring contributions from art… https://t.co/eKw0BOu4LG
Aug 31 08:24
Berlin! Come and visit us at the Floating University in Kreuzberg, where copies of the #UrbanPamphleteer series wil… https://t.co/F0MDY54OuB
Aug 29 10:58
RT @SewIrregular: Fascinating comments on the joys and problems of 20s/30s culture in this great piece about the #ShimShamClub by @misschaz…
Aug 29 10:46
Our latest edition has now hit Stockholm! Pay a visit to the @ArkDesC Library to view physical copies of issues 3 -… https://t.co/5biHVwKAZY
Aug 21 09:54
The lovely folk at @magculture are now stocking our latest issue in their London shop 🌈 🌃 Pick up a copy in Clerken… https://t.co/5PpNfM6EAI
Aug 18 11:25
RT @SewIrregular: @UrbanPamphlet Lovely to meet you too!! Loving your pamphlet so much ❤️
Aug 17 02:36
RT @SewIrregular: This is really rad, check them out! ✨ https://t.co/DtVwnIh0Vk
Aug 17 10:17
Thanks Phil! https://t.co/9og7US3LyG
Aug 17 10:17
RT @PhilHubbard1: Essential reading for those interested in London's sexual geographies in a time of rampant gentrification..,and another g…
Aug 17 09:03
RT @muckybooksblog: Excited to have a look at this... https://t.co/g88zXqTTqn
Aug 17 07:01
We had a great night telling people about @UrbanPamphlet 7 LGBTQ+ Nightlife Spaces 🏳️‍🌈 @LGBTIQoutside Project’s fa… https://t.co/bIRk7q54l2
Aug 16 08:04
RT @weareblackcap: @urbanpamphlet at #Queercore #OutsiderPride https://t.co/B7q69Td5ct https://t.co/XbaYJOFaO4
Aug 16 09:34
Urban Pamphleteer #7, LGBTQ+ Night-time Spaces: Past, Present & Future, now available in print and online. Read o… https://t.co/8eT16lY9pQ
Aug 16 07:40
RT @BenCampkin: We’ll be #pamphleteering at #Queercore: a Celebration of #outsiderpride tonight. You can pick up a copy of the latest @urba…
Aug 13 02:01
RT @LGBTIQoutside: We're so pleased that @UrbanPamphlet will be joining our takeover of @GenesisCinema with @fringefilmfest, @PeoplesFilmCl…
Aug 13 10:25
Want a physical copy of our latest Pamphleteer? We'll be distributing them at @GenesisCinema this Thursday as part… https://t.co/TjdhAzY9V7
Aug 09 08:05
RT @UCLurbanlab: Latest #UrbanCircular out today. Our free guide to urbanism events taking place across London, alongside updates of our la…
Aug 06 07:42
RT @UCLurbanlab: In collaboration with @OpenCityDocs, we are hosting a panel session next month to explore the relationship between film an…
Jul 25 08:13
RT @UCLurbanlab: We're really proud of the seventh issue of @UrbanPamphlet, and you can see why by reading it for free online, or donating…
Jul 24 12:02
RT @UCLurbanlab: We've launched a new study on engagement with the Urban Lab. What do you think about our past and current work, and what…
Jul 16 03:21
RT @joeparslow: Sad I couldn't make the launch of the latest @UrbanPamphlet but very honoured to be included in the latest issue with a pow…
Jul 14 10:03
RT @handsinmachines: Tonight, we launched @UrbanPamphlet 7 on LGBTQ+ night-time spaces at @MuseumofLondon and https://t.co/GWCMsAno7C! (w/…
Jul 14 08:40
RT @robzowski: Great to see @PlanningOut featured in latest @UCLurbanlab @UrbanPamphlet launched tonight featuring Andy Garraway https://t.…
Jul 14 08:40
RT @LGBTIQoutside: Thankyou to @UrbanPamphlet for the work you do. Great to meet likeminded people creating important spaces for our commun…
Jul 14 08:07
RT @rjustinhunt: A beautiful evening launching @UrbanPamphlet #7! Inspirational event at the @MuseumofLondon - want to read my bit? Go to t…
Jul 14 11:48
We’re just arriving @MuseumofLondon to set up for tonight’s launch of #UrbanPamphleteer # 7 LGBTQI 🏳️‍🌈 Night-space… https://t.co/3W6oRwvNF8